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SPZ-500 Floor Screed Machine is designed to mix and deliver fine concrete aggregate in a 500 litres mixing chamber. The machine is also suitable to deliver dry & semi dry mortar, micro concrete, polystyrene, gravel, sand, clay and other bulk construction material up to 25mm diameter. With Air Compressor required at minimum output of 4m3/min at 7 bar, the machine can pump up to 100 meters height.



- Large Mixing Vessel of 500 litters capacity allows for longer delivery interval and output up to 4m3 per hour.

- Using powerful 25hp Electric Motor with star delta circuit limit the starting current surge, ensure long life of electric motor and prevents           triggering of the fuses.

- Thick wear plate and heavy duty mixing paddle ensure longer life for wear and tear.

- Safety Switch, operational switch, safety valve at operator convenience.

- With transport wheel on the machine for easy transportation.


Screed Pump (SPZ-500)
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