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Sludge Pump

TSLP-150  6” Sludge Pump specially designed to handle clean or dirty water containing limited solids, and mostly use extensively on construction sites for dewatering.


TSLP-150 is automatic priming and re-priming, is by flood lubricating rotary sliding vane vacuum pump.

  • High capacity water pump, used for WellPoint dewatering and sump pumping.
  • Hard wearing cast iron parts.
  • Automatic priming.
  • High airflows vacuum system specially designed for dewatering works.
  • Hours of unattended operation or intermittent flow.
  • Large fuel tank capacity of 140 liters for continuous operation.
  • Lifting Hook.
  • Key start Engine.
  • Available option four wheel site trailer.


Sludge Pump (TSLP-150S)
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Sludge Pump (TSLP-150)
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